Hacknarök 2018


My friends and I do enjoy a Hackathon every now and then and we’ve accumulated an impressive résumé of silly games made during such events. This year we decided to put the NullPointer Games shirts back on and give Hacknarök 2018 a shot.


In the spirit of the event, we had 24 hours to complete our app, a Google Cardboard VR game in Unity. Going with the event’s Norse theme we’ve created an apocalyptic FPP title featuring the dancing Techno Viking and a variety of weapons. Players’s goal is to run away from the viking while impeding his progress.


The appropriately called “TechnoViking” game got us a Best Execution mention at the competition. It’s great to know that the laziest, stupidest idea for a joke can still get us somewhere with proper execution and hard work behind it, it even won each of us a Raspberry Pi!


The app’s repository is available here. Enjoy 😉


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