So I bought a new tablet. I figured It’s high time to get something more professional since it seems I’m getting more and more serious about 3D. Wacom Intuos landed on my desk (or lap, cause it’s wireless).

Around that time I got asked to draw some cards for a location-based game called Impostor. Now, digital painting is really not my shtick, so I proposed referring to someone who, You know, CAN actually draw really well. After a refusal I thought it would be a great way to test the new tool before doing something more serious.

I like comic books, especially the gritty, pseudo- mature ones. Probably because of the teenage angst that I have not, nor most likely ever will grow out of. I let this and Noir- influenced media inspire me. I write Noir- influenced, cause I’m way too young to have ever been there for “The Maltese Falcon” and such when they first came out, all the Noir things I saw and like are definitely most-modern. Therefore, I carefully styled the characters so that they could well live in the period the books the game is based on, or be the roles modern players step into.

The three characters are: the Detective, the Killer and the Reporter. Each of them different and therefore portrayed differently. What connect’s them is the (almost?) silly grittiness of the line art and muted colours inspired by Miller’s graphic novels.

Till next time!


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